Holding Hands

Nikki has a natural way of disarming the negativity and self doubts you may have about yourself.  I learned a lot about what makes me tick and how I can start to channel positivity into my life, rather than allowing my past to hold me back.  All in all, a wonderful and insightful woman, whom I feel honoured to have made acquaintance and can call a friend.


Nikki has a unique skill to own that hour and make it yours. Together we were able to uncover some deeply rooted beliefs that have been present for three decades. I see me now...and I see where I need to go now.


Nikki provides a safe place with no judgement to express your thoughts and feelings.  I felt safe and trusted Nikki implicitly with what I said. Nikki’s self love program is supportive and subtle but delivers amazing realisations which have moved me forward to a newer whole me!  My relationship with my husband went from separation to unity and created a complete turnaround all because I know myself completely now.